Message from Dr. TRESler and Mrs. Moraff

This week we would like to lift up Mrs. Wolf and Dr. Loving’s message and our monthly school-wide focus of “Unique and Proud.” We encourage you and your family to take some time this month to talk about what makes you unique, both as a family, and as individuals in your family. Think about the words you use and the behavior you model for your children when you are interacting with or talking about those who are different from you.  While we all have so much in common as TRES community members, we also need to recognize, accept, and celebrate our differences.

This month, we encourage you, our TRES parents, to start a conversation with someone in our community that you have not yet had a chance to meet.  It’s simple, start with a smile and say, “Hello.” In the very least, you will brighten someone’s day, and if you are really lucky, you will learn something new or make a new connection.


Dr. TRESler, Principal

Mrs. Moraff, Assistant Principal  


Friday, March 2, 2018 (All day)