Retriever Report - October 6, 2017

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Need a refresher on our school-wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Program? Click here.

Message from Dr. TRESler

Dear Retrievers,

First, I would like to thank Mrs. Wolf, our wonderful school counselor, for being a guest writer for this week’s message.

With recent news events involving natural disasters, attacks, and violence, we want to take a moment to remind each of our TRES families how very appreciative we are of the loving care and guidance you give your children each day to help them feel heard, valued, nutured, and safe.

With goals of maximizing learning and having students feel secure, we are pleased that student conversations at TRES have NOT been particularly elevated with regard to national/international news involving natural disasters and/or senseless violence. (If this were a concern, we'd be implementing supports with a different lens.) For now, here are some quick reminders from the National Association of School Psychologists:

1. Reassure children that they are safe.

2. Make time to talk.

3. Keep your explanations developmentally appropriate.

4. Review safety procedures.

5. Observe children's emotional state.

6. Limit television (and social media) viewing of these events.

7. Maintain a normal routine.

And one last addition from us:

8. If you have any specific concernes, please don't hesitate to contact your child's teacher or various support staff to talk things through and determine next steps.

Dr. Tresler, Principal             

Mrs. Moraff, Assistant Principal

Mrs. Wolf, School Counselor

Dr. Loving, School Psychologist

Mrs. Stoesser, PPW

If you'd like to read further about the above the recommendations, feel free to click here: Talking to Children About Violence:  Tips for Parents and Teachers

Although no parent, care-giver, or staff member wants to think about the possibility of an emergency situation happening within our community, as administrators, Mrs. Moraff and I want to reassure you;  

We take aspects of protection and safety very seriously.

We know you send us your most valued treasures each day.

That's why we thank you, in advance, for honoring even the smallest of safety requests.  Whether it's with remembering not to text when dropping off your precious cargo in the carloop lane, remembering to sign in at the front office every time you visit, or honoring requests about snacks-costumes-parking-etc. on special days such as Halloween... We all need to work together for the safety and benefit of our students/staff.

To help with training on a bigger scale, our staff regularly and intentionally  practices crisis/emergency response situations such as shelter-in-place, evacuation, duck-cover-hold, lock-down, etc. Rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal is key so if ever presented with any type of emergency situation, those impacted have a better inclination to reasonably respond instead of feeling hopeless or confused on reasonable next steps.

Speaking of rehearsal, do you have an emergency plan and meeting place that you have discussed with your family in the event of fire or evacuation from your home? October 8-14 is  known as National Fire Prevention Week and this is a great time to practice your home drill and check smoke detectors within your home. 


Dr. TRESler, Principal, Mrs. Moraff, Assistant Principal, and Mrs. Wolf, School Counselor

Retriever Rally! Join Us Tonight to Celebrate the Beginning of Another School Year!

Join us for lots of fun on Friday, Oct. 6th from 6:30-8:30! Click here to learn more!

Safe School Zones Resolution

At the September 8 Board of Education meeting the Board of Education approved a resolution to support and protect the rights of all Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) students, regardless of immigration or citizenship status.  Click here to read the resolution.

Fall Fun Day Celebration at TRES

We have a lot of important information to share. Please read this section at the bottom of this week’s Retriever Report.  We will also send this information in it’s own Enews next week.

Exciting NEWS! All HCPSS students are receiving a FREE HCLibrary Card to access eContent via

Watch for the access card to come home with your child today! If your child currently has A HCLibrary card it is still viable to use – keep it!  This NEW card gives them access via the instructional app that we use at school, but you can also access at home. Visit this vimeo website to see how easy it is to set up.

A Wolf/Loving "Wellness Tip"...

Offering periodic tips and strategies from School Counselor, Mrs. Debbie Wolf, and School Psychologist, Dr. Michele Loving

October ... already?!
Now that school is back in full swing, we want to provide ongoing resources to help with maintaining a healthy balance in home, relationships, and school life.  :-)   In Friday Folders this week, your youngest child is bringing home the first of many Home & School Connection newsletters.  This month, look for information on:  consequences that work, healthy after-school snacks, "sticky" vocabulary, ways to support focus, and pumpkin activities that support academic skills while having fun together.  From the 'worth quoting' section:  "The whole world opened to me when I learned to read."  ~Mary McLeod Bethune
Also, within the recent days, students school-wide viewed another Triadelphia Ridge video broadcast called a "TRESmission."  For this installment, the focus was on the "T" in T-R-E-A-S-U-R-E.  With the help of many students, Mrs. Wolf shared a message that focused on the TREaSured Traits of showing RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, INTEGRITY, and CARE.  Upcoming:
   T  Treasured Traits (Oct.)**
   R  Remembering Gratitude (Nov.)
   E  Empathy in Action (Dec.)
   A  Achieving Goals (Jan.)
   S  Showing Strength of Heart (Feb.)
   U  Unique and Proud (Mar.)
   R  Refining and Recharging (Apr.)
   E  Eliminating Conflict; Seeking Peace (May)

**After students viewed the TRESmission, an optional follow-up activity was sent.  Will your family take the "Shine" Community challenge?  Make it a goal to find 5 ways to reach out and make a difference for someone in your community.  (Raking leaves for a neighbor, inviting a friend to play at recess, picking up trash, letting a brother/sister go first in a game, helping to set the table without being asked, speaking up peacefully if you hear teasing ...)

Positive character is TREASURED at TRES and the more reinforcement we collectively give, the more our children will shine.  Take care of each other, TRES!

The HoCo Parks and Rec Early Learning Center at Triadelphia Ridge Elementary

Please click here if you are interested in learning more about the early learning center at TRES.

Volunteer Training is Required of all HCPSS School Volunteers

We love parent volunteers and we appreciate all they do to help the students and staff at TRES! Please remember that all parents must complete the HCPSS training prior to volunteering.  You can complete the training by visiting   Please print your certificate and send to TRES attention to Mrs. Moraff.  In years past, a face-to-face training has been offered on site.  Due to very low attendance, we will not offer this on-site training this year.

Community News

Click here to view all Howard County Community News submitted to HCPSS.

Fall Fun Day 2017 at TRES

This year’s Fall Festival Celebration will be on Tuesday, October 31st!

The parade will begin at 2:15.  To help keep a safe environment for our students, staff, and visitors, there are changes to the parade procedures.  Please read all information below. Parents are welcome to watch the parade and join us for the indoor festivities.


In order for staff to have a consistent and constant view of all students, the parade will take place in the bus loop.  Parents will be asked to stand on the grass island in the center of the bus loop for parade viewing. The students will exit out of the front of the building and sit/stand facing the grass island. Each grade will take a turn walking the entire bus loop.  This is will also allow the students to see all of the other students’ costumes.  Please note that in the event of rain, the parade will be held inside the school and space will be limited.

Costume Guidelines:

We ask that you support us by avoiding sending any costumes that perpetuate violence, have any blood, could be scary to young children or contain any type of weapons.  Props that come with costumes that are play weapons are not allowed in school.  This includes, but is not limited to toy guns, knives, swords, pitchforks, etc.  If a child has a costume that is not school appropriate, your child may be asked to not wear part of or all of their costume during our festivities.   

Due to safety, masks of any type will not be permitted to be worn by students or parents. Face painting as part of the costumes is permitted and can be worn to school in the morning.


Due to issues last year with cars blocking buses, other cars, and the fire lane, parking in the bus loop area will not be permitted. Please also be considerate of our neighbors who live on Triadelphia Road; refrain from parking along/in their yards.  Family members are encouraged to utilize the Folly Quarter Middle School parking lot, as long as you park in an official parking spot.  There will be someone to help direct parking in the overflow lot grassy area to ensure that cars are not blocked in and that the space is used to maximum capacity. Carpooling is encouraged.

Class Parties After the Parade:

As in past years, parents are permitted to join the class parties.  Please note that due to school security measures, you will be required to sign in at the front lobby.  Plan that there will be a line for parents to enter the building as we have staff assist parents with signing in.  Due to space constraints in the classrooms, siblings are not permitted for the class parties.

Early Dismissal:

If you would like to sign your child out before dismissal, for your convenience, there will be sign-out pages in the classrooms.  If you are not joining the class party, you can sign your child out early in the front office.

Opting Out of the Fall Fun Day

We want to support and be sensitive to your family wishes/needs. Please note, this alternate activity is not offered for students who just don’t feel like dressing up/participating, but instead is more geared to honor a family’s specific request based on long-standing preferences/belief/etc.

~ Please contact Mrs. Wolf by Friday, October 27th (410-313-2560 or so that alternate activities can be planned and offered from 2:00 pm until dismissal.  Mrs. Wolf will communicate your wishes to your child’s homeroom teacher.

~ To avoid confusion and disappointment, please clearly explain and discuss your expectations with your child before sending him/her to school on Wednesday, October 31st.  


Friday, October 6, 2017 (All day)