Tips for Students: Setting a "S-M-A-R-T" Goal

Fri, 01/12/2018 - 12:43pm

As we ring in the new year, here at school, we have been talking about being the best we can be through goal-setting. In a recent TRESmission broadcast, students heard about the importance of setting a "S-M-A-R-T" goal. Here are some strategies that help all of us with sticking to resolutions!

Try to keep your goal:

  • S - Specific. What exactly do you want to accomplish?
  • M - Measurable. How will you see when you reach the goal?
  • A - Attainable. Is this something that pushes you, but is still a possibility?
  • R - Results. Is the end result going to make a positive impact?
  • T - Timely. What time frame will you give to reach your goal?

Another TRES "Jingle Goal" that was recently shared by Dr. Tresler involves the idea of working hard, writing your name on all submitted work, and taking pride in work that is submitted. Students were encouraged to positively represent themselves and families with a message of "Work hard. Claim it. Name it!"

Dinner Discussion: Are you ever looking for ways to get your child to open up more about his/her school day? Be sure to ask your student about the fun Jingle Goals song that has been sung by our chorus and played as a reminder. Today's "Stop-Drop-Draw" booster activity might be another great discussion starter about how we can shine with positive TREaSured Trait behavior in 2018; with RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, INTEGRITY, and CARE. Stay warm!