School Safety

Fri, 03/02/2018 - 12:11pm

On Tuesday evening, Dr. Martirano held a community forum on school safety and mental health.  His message reaffirmed the necessity for our school security measures to be followed without exception.  We encourage you to look online to see the discussions including our community members, central office staff, and community officials regarding these topics.  You can also reference resources by visiting:

We want to share with you the procedures we follow when visitors come to TRES and actions we have taken.

Visitor Procedures

  1. The front door is the ONLY entrance point for all visitors.

  2. Please ring the buzzer and look into the camera.

  3. Be prepared to state your name, your child's name, and the reason for your visit.

  4. All visitors must walk directly into the front office with a valid photo ID and sign in on the Lobbyguard.

  5. A visitor's sticker will be given to visitors following the above procedures.

  6. Any visitor at TRES without a visitor sticker will be taken to the front office by a staff member.

Action Steps

1.  Administration has met with all staff and discussed safety procedures:

  • No doors should be propped open at any time.

  • Any visitors without a badge should be stopped and taken to the front office.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions. In consideration of our staff and students, we thank you for following these procedures for the safety of our entire school community.  As directed by Dr. Martirano, TRES will be holding our own Community Forum School Safety prior to the end of this school year. Please watch upcoming Enews messages and the TRES website for a date and more information.