Important Safety Updates

Mon, 04/23/2018 - 3:45pm

We would like to again thank the parents who joined us in April for our TRES Community School Safety Forum.  Below are the notes and major themes discussed. Please note that to protect our students, staff, and visitors, some specific details about our safety plan are not included. Our plans are constantly evolving as we conduct drills and feedback from staff and community members.  Our HCPSS Office of Safety and Risk Management is currently developing new and improved training for staff, as well as evaluation tools for our school safety plans.

Based on the community feedback, our procedures to admit visitors to the school are being strengthened.  Please review the following points:

•    When you arrive at TRES, ring the bell in the vestibule to be admitted.

•    Remain in front of the camera so our secretaries can see your face.

•    Do not immediately move to the door as our secretaries will have a few quick questions for you, including your full name, the name of your student and the reason for your visit.

•    Please speak clearly into the call box.

•    Do not hold the door open for other visitors; everyone must be admitted individually.

•    Have your driver’s license or other ID ready.

•    Come directly to the front office and sign in using the LobbyGuard system.

Please plan extra time to be admitted to TRES. This is especially important when arriving for a field trip, daytime concert, and any other school-wide/grade level events. It takes approximately 3 minutes per person to sign in on the LobbyGuard system. Please recognize that we do not have a dedicated receptionist or security guard at our school. Your patience will be appreciated as our secretaries are answering phones, responding to staff needs, and working on their administrative tasks, as well as continually monitoring the front doors.

Families can help by getting children to school on time, making sure there isn’t a need to bring forgotten items (lunches, musical instruments, permission slips, etc.) to school, and having your ID handy when you arrive. Our priority is keeping our students/your children safe and we appreciate your understanding and patience.

Notes and Major Themes from the April School Safety and Security Meeting

Topic: Changes to TRES building structure and/physical conditions to make our school safer

  • Suggested changes from community

    • Addition of doors to ensure that all classrooms have two exits

    • Blinds/shades or one-way film cover to cover windows of the doors to hallways

    • Locking existing gates during the day or making them automated to secure

    • Adding doors to prevent visitor from entering halls before visiting the office

  • Action Steps & Responses

    • A parent asked how the PTA and/or community could become involved in funding some of these projects. Community improvements to school sites or school facilities are governed by Board Policy 6060.  If you or a community group are interested in any TRES building improvements, please email Dr. Tresler at  Dr. Tresler can provide guidance for the completion of the proposal form required by Policy 6060.

    • We are working to develop a plan to lock TRES for after school activities.

Topic: Recess

  • Concerns shared from the community

    • What options do children have if there is an active shooter during recess?

    • Is there a way to add functional playground equipment to protect students?

  • Action Steps & Responses

    • We continue to have ongoing dialogue about student safety while outdoors.  Reverse evacuation drills are practiced. This process is under review.

    • Additions to playground equipment is also governed by Policy 6060 (see above).

Topic: Lockdowns

  • Concerns shared from the community

    • Are lockdown procedures posted for substitutes?

    • Do all classrooms  have a safe area for a lockdown?

    • Students in hallway at lockdown

  • Action Steps & Responses

    • Nearly all interior doors lock.  Work orders have been entered for those that do not.

    • All classrooms have a quick reference guide for all emergency drills including lockdowns.

    • We cannot disclose student lockdown locations, but all students have a designated safe location.

    • Lockdown procedures for the hallway are being re-evaluated and assessed for maximum student safety.

Topic: Visitors/Building Access

  • Concerns shared from the community

    • Standard procedure for buzzing in all visitors

    • Nationally, in some cases, the intruder has been someone familiar to the school staff.

    • Community members allowing others to trail in behind them

  • Action Steps & Responses

    • Secretaries will ask for your name and purpose for your visit.  May also ask additional questions.

    • Secretaries report suspicious visitor to administration for immediate action.  This visitor is not permitted into the building until the administrator has cleared the visit.

    • Reminders to parents that all visitors need to buzz into the school

    • Oops Cart (Forgotten Items) in the entryway to minimize entry throughout the day

Next steps for community members:

  • Email Dr. Tresler ( if you’re interested in being in a community committee that meets quarterly throughout the upcoming school year.

  • Email Dr. Tresler if you’re interested in completing a Policy 6060 form (linked above).

  • When volunteering during school events, continue to be vigilant and report anything suspicious to a staff member or administrator.