TRES Safety Updates and Reminders

Fri, 10/05/2018 - 2:58pm

Visiting TRES-All Visitors Must Have a Scannable Driver’s License
All visitors to TRES, who are not HCPSS employee’s, must bring their scannable driver’s license to sign into the LobbyGuard. The LobbyGuard uses visitors’ drivers licences to complete background checks. In the event of an emergency, it is crucial that we can account for every visitor in the building.  This is for student, staff, and visitor safety. Staff at central office are able to access our LobbyGuard visitor list should we have to evacuate the building.  Thank you for ensuring that you bring your licence with you when you visit TRES!

Elementary Safety Protocol-After School
Parents with children in our after care program and after school classes, please take note: For the safety of our staff and students in after school programs, the doors at TRES will remain locked after school.  If your child is in an after school activity, you must wait for your child outside.  The program activity staff will walk the children to the front doors and dismiss them to their parents/guardians.  If your child is in our regular after care program, you will knock on the cafeteria door to pick-up your child.  This is the same as the before school procedure.  

Also, teachers will be locking their classroom doors when they leave for evening.  Parents and students will not have access to the school or classrooms to retrieve any forgotten items such as homework or instruments.  It will be important that you help your child to learn ways to remember to bring home all needed items.

New Protocol for Late Arrivals and Early Dismissal
When your child arrives late or leaves early, a secretary will immediately enter this into our Synergy System.  This will ensure that we are accurately accounting for the students in the building. Like Lobby Guard, should there be an emergency, security staff at central office can assist us by accessing the Synergy System.

MSDE does require us to have a maintain a paper copy of this attendance record as well.  Therefore, in addition you will be asked to sign on a paper sign-out.  We hope this will make this process safe and efficient.  

Reminders: Visiting Your Child for Lunch
As a reminder, we ask that younger siblings do not join you when you visit TRES to have lunch with your school-age children.  For some of our lunch shifts, we just do not have the space to accommodate many extra visitors.  For other lunch shifts, we have band and strings classes on the stage.  Your school-age child will appreciate the one-on-one time, making the lunch visit extra special.

If you have any questions about our safety and/or visitor protocols, please do not hesitate to reach out to Dr. Tresler ( or Mrs. Moraff (