Have You Heard the Buzz About Our Elephants & Bees Initiative?

Tue, 11/13/2018 - 6:36pm
We have been having fun learning about how elephants are afraid of bees and how this has helped farmers in Africa and Asia to save their crops from migrating elephants. The result is human/animal co-existence that makes for an excellent lesson for young conservationists, like our TRES students.
We have many resources available for you to learn more about our Elephants & Bees project on our resource page. We invite you to review our Powerpoint presentation and available videos created by Save the Elephants. Your children will see how what we can do here in our little corner of the world, can have a huge impact on our planet.
Part of this project is the collection of donations from family and friends. You can donate for the TRES-sponsored bee hive fence in one of three ways:
Ways to Donate
  • No fee: write a check to “Wildlife Conservation Network” and send it in with your child, addressed to the Front Office/Dr. Tresler
  • Easy, but small fee: donate online at www.crowdrise.com/tres-eb (you’ll have the chance to create a team page for your child and share the message with your loved ones and friends!)
  • Be on the lookout for a very special gift your child is making you in art this week. Your donation for this gift, which can be picked up during conferences, will go towards the TRES-sponsored beehive fence!
Funds administered by Wildlife Conservation Network, which serves as Save the Elephants 501(c)(3) in the United States.
All Donations are tax-deductible!
All questions can be directed to parent-volunteer Francoise Jakobsson: francoise.jakobsson@hotmail.com