Inclusive School Week at TRES

Sun, 11/25/2018 - 2:05pm

Inclusive Schools Week is a national campaign that recognizes the meaningful inclusion of students with disabilities in academics, athletics, clubs, and all facets of our school community. While we recognize the importance of inclusion across gender, race, ethnicity, and culture, this particular campaign will focus primarily on celebrating the abilities of all students.
To celebrate this campaign at TRES we will be creating a display in the entrance of our school lobby.  This display will include our Slogan Bumper Sticker Contest as well as our Pledge to Be Inclusive.

The Slogan Bumper Sticker Contest will take place beginning Monday, November 26th.  Students will have an opportunity to make a bumper sticker for the prompt “I feel included when…”  Students who submit a bumper sticker to Mrs. Berdeguez will receive a special prize, and will have their work displayed in the front lobby.  All bumper stickers are due by Monday, December 3rd.  These can be completed during the school day as prompted by teachers.

The Pledge to Be Inclusive will be a project for students to complete at home.  Students will pledge to stand up for inclusion all year long by answering one way to help ensure that everyone feels included at TRES.  Answers are to be written on the inside of the heart, then decorate the hand, and cut it out. Projects are due to Mrs. Berdeguez no later than Friday, December 7th.  It can be accessed here.