"Oops! We Forgot It" Cart

Sun, 12/03/2017 - 6:39pm

We appreciate all of your support to ensure your child’s success at TRES! Recently, we have had an increase in the number of parents who are bringing in forgotten items, such as lunches, instruments, and homework.  Each time we call into a classroom to inform the teacher and student that these items are in the front office, it causes an interruption to instruction.  While it may seem quick, these interruptions can impact the flow of a lesson, or a student’s thinking/focus.  

Many TRES staff members are parents too, so we understand how hectic mornings can be as everyone in the family prepares to get organized and leave for the day.  We would like to encourage you to think twice before bringing in forgotten items into the TRES front office.  It may be a great opportunity to help teach responsibility or nightly routines, such as laying out all needed items the night before.  If a child forgets to bring a lunch, can he or she buy lunch that day? Did you know that even if your child does not have money on his or her lunch account, they can purchase a full lunch via debit and you can send money in the next day?

We recognize that some forgotten items may still be needed to be brought to school.  If a student forgets an item, such as a lunch or instrument, parents can leave the item clearly labeled on our “Oops! We forgot it cart” located right inside the front entrance. We will have masking tape and markers available to label items. Instruments can be placed beside the cart on the floor. Please deliver any forgotten lunches to TRES by 11:00 a.m. 

Thank you for your understanding and partnership.