School Safety Message from Dr. Tresler and Mrs. Moraff

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 5:49pm

We would like to thank all of the parents who joined us this past Wednesday night for our TRES Community Forum on School Safety and Security! We shared our current practices and gave parents the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback.  We will share the notes from the community conversation in an Enews message and on our Website later next week. This forum is part of an on-going conversation about school safety. If at any time you have feedback, ideas questions, or concerns, please feel welcome to share them with us.


Another way to keep our children safe to help make sure that they get to school safely.  Mrs. Moraff has been visiting teams to talk to the students about safe behavior on the bus.  Please review the bus expectations with your child: sit flat and face forward in your assigned seat; use inside voices; keep self-to-self at all times; listen to the driver.  Getting to school safe includes our TREaSures who arrive to TRES by parents. Remember that most elementary aged children should be sitting in the back seat. All children should be wearing seatbelts until the car comes to a complete stop in our car loop.  Lastly, some of our youngest students may still need to be sitting in a booster seat. These are not just guidelines, but also state law.


We thank you for your partnership in keeping all of our children safe.