Teacher Release of Students for Parent Requested Early Dismissal-Safety Protocol

Sun, 06/03/2018 - 12:54pm

We have had a number of parents who are leaving TRES with their children without stopping in the front office to sign them out.  We are also experiencing parents who may be visiting one grade for a special event, interrupt instruction in other grades/classes to request a sibling from class for early dismissal.  This hinders our ability to keep track of the children in the building in the event of an emergency.

Except for special events, where we have pre-planned for the signing out for early dismissals in the classroom, teachers are not permitted to release children directly to parents.  If you are volunteering or visiting your child’s classroom and would like to take your child(ren) for early dismissal, you must first visit the front office to sign out your child(ren).  The front office staff will then notify the classroom teacher that the child has been signed out and the child will come to the front office to be dismissed.

Thank you for adhering to these procedures to help us keep all of our TREaSures safe.