March 2019 A Loving/Berd Wellness Tip... Offering periodic tips and strategies from School Counselor, Mrs. Lauren Berdeguez, and School Psychologist, Dr. Michele Loving:

Thu, 03/14/2019 - 2:29pm

Our monthly character focus is the “U” in TREASURE which stands for: Unique and Proud.  This has been a great source of conversation in discussing how we are each beautifully unique.  Some ways in which we are discussing our uniqueness is in our family-make up, our family names, our culture, and what these mean to us.
As always, we tie our monthly character focuses with our 4 TRES traits.  The trait, Respect, goes with being “Unique and Proud”.  As a school community we are making a promise to always respect others, and to stand up for those who we don’t see being treated respectfully.  We find these valuable lessons in teaching children about diversity.
There are some wonderful resources to help children of all ages embrace diversity, and choose love/acceptance over judgement.
Books- A list of resources can be found on Mrs. B’s Counseling Corner.  Books can transcend the environment we’re in, thus opening new perspectives to their readers.
Travel- Traveling (even in your own state) to an enclave that encompasses another culture can be so educational.  This is a first-hand opportunity to experience different cultures, societies, and food.
Online Resources- Whether it’s apps, video streaming, or websites, one of the most accessible way to teach students about diversity is through online resources.  Check these out on Mrs. B’s Counseling Corner.
Events and Festivals- Searching for multicultural events and festivals within driving distance are another great way to explore different cultures through taste, sights, sounds, and smells!
Pen Pals- Having a Pen Pal is a great way for children to connect with other kids from around the country.  There are Pen Pal organizations that can be found on Mrs. B’s Counseling Corner.

We hope to see you at our International Night on Friday March 15th sponsored by our amazing PTA.  This is a great place to discover, embrace, and learn about the cultures within our very own TRES community. 

Please, consult with Dr. Loving or Mrs. Berdeguez if you need more information or would like to discuss a referral for additional support.
Take care of each other, TRES!