How to Find the Name of Your Child’s Homeroom Teacher

Sun, 08/25/2019 - 12:15pm

You will only be able to access the name of your child’s homeroom teacher prior to our open house events if you complete your child’s Family File (emergency contact and dismissal information) on or before August 28th. Beginning on August 28th, you will be able to view your child’s homeroom teacher when you log on to your HCPSS Connect account. See the directions below to update your Family File.

Update your Child’s Emergency Contact and Dismissal Information Today!
HCPSS Family File is where parents input and find all of the information located on their child's Emergency Procedure Cards, such as transportation, contact information, and medical considerations. To update your Family File, go to For the safety of your child/children, it is very important that this information remains current. This information must be updated every year. Please ensure that it is completed prior to the start of school.
For directions on how to input your child's information on Family file, click here.
For frequently asked questions, click here.
As an additional bonus, families who fill out and update their family file information will find out their child’s homeroom teacher one day before  our Open House! Don’t delay! Spread the word to your neighbors!
Parents who do not have, or may have forgotten their log-in credentials can request assistance using the help link in the HCPSS Connect page. If you need help, click here. Please revise and/or complete your family contact information as soon as possible. We appreciate your efforts to complete this important task.