Parents Should Send in Absence Excuses to TRES

Fri, 09/13/2019 - 11:06am

While parents can continue to send in a paper excuse note to your child’s teacher when your child is absent, we are launching a new email address to receive and archive absence excuse notes. We are encouraging the use of email over paper notes when possible.

    •    Email
    •    Include your child(ren)’s  full name in the subject line.
    •    Include parent’s full name and phone number.
    •    Include the date your child(ren) was absent and the reason.
    •    Include doctor’s notes or other documentation as attachments if needed.
    •    If you there is a health issue you would like the teacher and health office to know about, copy your child’s teacher and the health office ( and
    •    Do not use this email to notify us of dismissal changes and early dismissals. It is for full day absences only. 

We hope that is an easier way for parents to provide documentation for student absences.