Procedures for Sending Absence Excuses and Dismissal Notes

Fri, 09/13/2019 - 11:06am

Parents/Guardians, please send all absence notes to our dedicated email (see below). We are required to have documentation regarding student absences.

    •    Email
    •    Include your child(ren)’s  full name in the subject line.
    •    Include parent’s full name and phone number.
    •    Include the date your child(ren) was absent and the reason.
    •    Include doctor’s notes or other documentation as attachments if needed.
    •    If  there is a health issue you would like the teacher and health office to know about, copy your child’s teacher and the health office ( and

Please do not use this email to notify us of dismissal changes and early dismissals. It is for full day absences only. 

Pre-approved Absences: The county requires a pre-approved form to be filled out by parents and submitted to TRES for all Religious Holiday Obligations and Local Discretionary days prior to the date of absence.  Absence will be marked unlawful if proper procedure is not followed.  Please go to the following website,   then scroll down to Student-related forms, fill out the appropriate form and return the county form instead of sending an email.

Dismissal notes should be sent with your student in the morning and should include the date, teacher’s name, and students FIRST and LAST name. This will ensure if a substitute is in the classroom they will be aware of their dismissal. 

Our school has established norms regarding dismissal, one being that we cannot call students after 3pm for early dismissal. If you cannot arrive in time, please plan to be in the car loop to pick them up as soon as they dismiss.